Review: Nibbles the Book Monster

nibblesNibbles the Book Monster, in my house at least, has managed to achieve something quite spectacularly tricky.  It appealed to and delighted both my youngest boy, who is a solid super-hero-loving-three-year-old and my oldest girl, who is five-turning-six-quite-soon-my-goodness-where-do-all-the-years-go?

Now, that might not sound all that much. There is, after all, only a couple of years between them. But the truth is that these days their literary tastes rarely converge.  Bedtime used to be a wonderful, wriggling pile of a half-dozen elbows, arms and legs, as one parent lay in the middle while each child gazed upon a favourite picture book.  Chaotic and far from comfortable, but fun.

But now, my eldest (my-goodness-where-do-all-the-years-go!) often prefers to read Flat Stanley on her own.  On occasion, she takes herself off all together for what she calls ‘private time’ which, from what I can gather, involves marshalling her teddies and giving them some quite severe orders about lining up and sitting nicely.

I thought those shared bedtime moments had passed.  But Nibbles the Book Monster, I’m very happy to say, has brought us all back together, elbows and all.

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