This is a blog about books and about writing.  More specifically, it’s about children’s books and writing for children.

The main purpose is to act as a log or journal, to record books that I’ve read, along with a few words which may serve as either random, half-baked thoughts or, from time to time, a more considered review.  As I’m slowly turning into someone who forgets everything unless it is written down, it will help jog the memory and avoid unintentional re-reading. There is, after all, so little time and so many books.

The site will also document my writing.   My first book – a picture book for little people – is due to be published (self-published I should add, nothing grand) during 2016.   The plan is to write more and to write more often, and to see where that takes me.   Simple as that.

When I’m not on here, I’m in school (I’m a Deputy Head in a London school – so there’ll be plenty of posts about teaching and reading in school) or at home (two children under-five).

I hope you enjoy the site.


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