Review: Questions and Answers about Space

spaceusborne.jpgQuestions and Answers about Space breaks new ground for this blog – it’s my first review of a non-fiction book. All credit must go to @andyseedauthor for pushing the non-fiction cause – he twisted an arm or two to get information books sent out to book bloggers, mine included.

This is a good a place to start as any – the ‘Question and Answer’ series is top quality and deserving of a prominent place in book corners and school libraries.  I wasn’t easily won over – ‘lift-the-flap’ books normally get quite short shrift from me.  They are usually the first books to perish; the flaps don’t just get lifted – even in the hands of book-loving children, they are soon pulled, twisted, bent and broken.

But the Usborne books are made of sturdier stuff. The cover is as chunky as a hard cover can be, and the pages are thick, almost board-like.  Each page has almost a dozen fact boxes, hidden beneath solid folds of card.  Hard to break, made to be handled and to be read again and again.

The design is bright, bold and uncluttered.  The illustrations are simple and fun; the cartoon-like characters are engaging, gently catching the eye but not detracting from the main business of informing and sharing knowledge.

The book is well-organised  with each page asking a where, why, what, how, which or who question.  The questions are just the sort of thing a young child would ask; the answers are concise and clear, with a quiz at the end to encourage re-reading.   My six year old happily flicked through the pages, but it would work just as well as an introductory book for older children.

A recommended book and the whole series is worth a look as well – they’re fun, engaging , informative and, most important of all, built to last.

A copy of the book was provided by the publishers.  


One thought on “Review: Questions and Answers about Space

  1. Acorn Books April 26, 2016 / 10:00 pm

    I am constantly asked many questions about space by my 3yo, this book looks just the ticket. Good to know that this is a sturdy lift-the-flap book too.


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